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My Security Analytics provides services, which bring efficiency and critical value in fight against crime, identification of criminals, revealing crime chains, prevention of domestic and outside threats, malicious risk managements of companies and institutions in terms of physical and cyber environments, through the implementation of uniquely designed advanced analytics systems in various areas of the private and public sectors.

Suç Analitiği

Crime Analytics

Crime prevention, crime detection, crime investigation, crime intelligence analysis

Suistimal Analitiği

Fraud Analytics

Fraud risk management systems, case management systems, identification, prevention and management of specific fraud types such as insurance, banking, telco frauds, sales channel frauds, internal frauds, audit analytics

Siber Güvenlik Analitiği

Cyber Security Analytics

Cyber security analysis platform, log management systems, profiling of breaches/attacks

Fiziksel Güvenlik Analitiği

Physical Security Analytics

CCTV visual data analysis, intelligent physical security platforms, smart IoT security applications that are conceived with advanced analytical platforms

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