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FinalCheck (Employee Background Screening Process)

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Employee Background Screening is one of the most critical and sensitive processes in managing employee-related risks in a company or institution. Companies may face serious legal and financial problems as well as damage their reputation due to false identities and driver’s licenses declared at the time of recruitment, modified diplomas and criminal records, unverified professional certificates, and similar documents with unknown origin. Traditionally, the process of employee research and resume verification can become a long and difficult operation for your company.

What is FinalCheck?

My Security Analytics (MySA) has partnered up with Turkey’s largest employment platform to solve this problem! FinalCheck system was specially designed to help the Human Resources and Corporate Security Departments of companies.

With FinalCheck, you can carry out necessary employee background screening processes on an end-to-end digital platform, using a single screen, reliably and quickly. With the results and records you obtain, you can make a significant contribution to your company’s corporate memory regarding personnel operations. You can also create a “personnel checklist” for your company.


All processes of FinalCheck are designed to comply with relevant legal regulations such as KVKK, GDPR, and Labor Laws. It also complies with the relevant policies and procedures of institutions or companies.

What are FinalCheck Verifications?

The verifications you can make with the FinalCheck system are divided into two categories:


Basic Verifications: These are automatic verifications that you can make through the FinalCheck system. The documents (identification, residence, criminal record, diploma, etc.) that are uploaded to the system can be verified within seconds through the system. It is recommended for documents given prior to employment.


Additional Verifications: Additional documents suitable for the position or job description (driver’s license, specialty certificates, course documents, SGK certificates, etc.) are verified through the FinalCheck system or by analysts.

What Are FinalCheck Investigations?

With the FinalCheck system, you can also request additional investigations which are conducted using open-source intelligence technologies and international databases by MySA analysts.

Data related to the person under investigation are researched, analyzed, and reported on public web resources.

  • Financial Background Investigation: In relation to conflict of interest and fraud risk management procedures, the candidate’s global and local business partnerships and/or management duties are investigated.


  • Reputation Risk Investigation: News and information that may create a negative reputation about the candidate are examined, analyzed, and reported in all layers of the cyber world (Clear/Deep/Dark Web).


  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Risk Investigation: In accordance with the compliance and anti-money laundering process of companies, the candidate is investigated in nearly 1,500 international black-lists and sanction lists.

Why Choose FinalCheck?

FinalCheck is designed for Human Resources and/ or Corporate Security Departments of companies and organizations. It does not require any installation. Once your FinalCheck account is created on My Security Analytics cloud system, you can use the application 24/7 and access the service.

With its user-friendly interface, the system allows you to get simple, understandable, and fast results. You can execute your verification and research requests, results, notifications, and records on a single screen.

Manage Your Employee Related Risks Effectively with FinalCheck.