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Fiziksel Güvenlik Analitiği

Physical Security Analytics Solutions

We design analytical platforms for an organization or a company to manage the physical security risks against their physical assets and employees, to predict, monitor, detect, and investigate the data collected from various sources accurately and timely before violations or attacks happen.

Today, companies and organizations meet their physical security needs mostly with manned security measures and electronic security systems. (CCTV systems, alarms, building access systems, etc.) There are approximately 300.000 active security guards in our country. In addition, tens of thousands of buildings, roads, residences and facilities are recorded with security cameras by various installed systems. It is practically impossible to monitor each of these cameras, alarms and recording systems live. The greatest benefit under these circumstances is to look back in the case of an incident. This is a predominantly reactive approach.

However, if these electronic security technologies are supported by intelligent analytical platforms, it will be possible to manage physical security threats in a timely and effective manner and to employ optimum number of security officers, who have high level of efficiency with the excess budget. For this purpose, there is a need for artificial intelligence and an analytical platform with a robotic processing, which can perform strategic and tactical analysis with physical security data (CCTV visual records, physical access records, biometric records such as fingerprint and face recognition, alarm records, etc.), and can provide timely information to security guards and managers and ensure to take action.



  • Hundreds and even thousands of CCTV cameras and alarm systems in companies and organizations are used mainly for reactive purposes.
  • The operator has no chance to follow hundreds of cameras or hundreds of behaviors that appear on the cameras.
  • In addition to its limited impact, it provides minimum benefit from the security investment.


  • By instant analysis of CCTV video recordings, entry and exit records, alarms, human behavior analyses and other feeds from open data sources, the operator is informed immediately about the developing suspicious incidents.
  • Ensures the opportunity to intervene the incidents before they happen.
  • It provides control over the whole picture by monitoring, not only what is being monitored by the operator, but also by all the data collected from all cameras and alarms in the system, based on suspicious movements detected according to anomalies and given scenarios.
  • It enables you to analyze different data types from different sources, as well as providing predictive capability and effective proactive security capability with optimum resource with robotic automation processes.