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We believe in the power of systems established with Intelligence and Data.
By combining the data management discipline with our years of experience in the private and public sectors, we provide data management and advanced analytic solutions that companies and institutions seek or need.

Who are We ?

Who are We ?

We design and implement new generation analytic platforms, provide trainings and consulting for Fight Against Crime and Security Risk Management.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe that if half of security analytics is science, the other half is an art of experience, knowledge and simplicity. Therefore, we present you an art, which simply produces high-ratio predictions and includes advanced mathematics to bring out proactive processes rather than reactive ones.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We were established in 2018 to create a center of excellence in the field of “Security Analytics” and we aim to provide both local and international services in this field.

We are ready to provide consultancy services for establishment of Corporate Security systems to prevent and understand harmful risks.

We believe ”Security Analytics” is to be the most powerful component in completing the big picture in the management of all kinds of harmful risks and in the fight against crime. Security analytics could create the desired value only if it is  combined with a structure requiring advanced expertise and experience in data science, data analytics and management. For this reason, in 2018, we established “My Security Analytics (MySA)” as a center of excellence of a joint venture with KOMTAŞ, who has been focusing on data and providing services in the area of data management and data analytics for over 30 years both in public and private sectors.

30 years of experience in validation of data model, dissemination of project and corporate security…

Our aim with this initiative is to create the security analytics awareness and market in our country in its significant four areas. We aim to transform the products that we have designed into high-value services by blending the advanced technologies used worldwide with our domestic resources and knowledge for both public and private sector organizations. By this approach, we believe that the conventional security and crime fighting methods used in our country and in the world will turn into a more effective level by evolving with new and advanced technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and deep learning.




Do you want to join us?

We provide solution consultancy and advanced analytical platforms for organizations within the scope of fighting against internal and external fraud, cyber-attack defense and detection. We produce analytical projects that enables monitor, prediction and detection of crime for law enforcement and companies by using machine learning and artificial intelligence methods. If you find it exciting, you can be the person we are looking for; we are waiting for your applications through this link.