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Suç Analitiği

Corporate Security Analytics Solutions

Whistleblowing Hotline : Personnel Ethics Line process design and 24/7 service

The most important source of detection the frauds in companies and institutions is incoming reports. According to ACFE’s data, more than half of the frauds detections occur by information made by employees through various channels. This sensitive process, which is made by staff and / or subcontractors done by anonymously or with names through various communication channels such as telephone, e-mail, web message, should be handled, evaluated and finalized in a professional way. An Whistleblowing Hotline operated with the right processes increases the employee’s sense of commitment and trust, as well as a significant contribution to the company’s transparency and risk management processes. As an independent party from the company management, we provide 7/24 Whistleblowing Hotline with the communication resources, as well as consulting services for the Whistleblowing Hotline processes of companies and institutions with over 100 personnel.

Employee Background Screening : Creation of employee resume verification process and providing services

The resume confirmation and examination of the candidates before the recruitment is the most effective process in the management of risks that may occur through staff and/or subcontracted employees in companies and institutions. Fake diplomas and certificates, modified criminal records, fake identities and residence information, and wrong statements that are said to get a job are issues that need to be followed sensitively in recruitment processes. The information provided by the candidate before the recruitment or during the trial period must be verified. Otherwise, the risks could be arise that cause the company to face legal and regulations as well as fraud damages and reputational losses. In addition to consulting for the resume verification and research process, we carry out the employee background screening and research from open sources on behalf of the company and institutions. We offer this process to our customers with our digital solutions in accordance with the regulations and company policies on the protection of personal data.

Soft-due diligence Services: Subcontractor and business partner background review and verification process

Soft-due diligence services is one of the most effective methods for managing the risks of frauds and reputation loses that may come from third parties in companies and institutions. It is necessary to check companies and individuals who received services or become business partners in order to observe local and international regulations and compliance rules such as AML (Fight with Money Laundering) and Fight with Corruption. Together with our local and international partners, we create soft-due diligence reports based on open source official data of approximately 400 million companies in Turkey and around the world. This report includes all the data and disclosed financial information from the company’s commercial register, as well as information collected from open source scans (Clear web, Deep Web, Social Media) whether the relevant company partners or senior management is included in any ban list (Sanction list) in the world. Banks, asset management companies and Law Firms can benefit from our soft-due diligence service on issues such as debt tracking, credit tracking and tracking of sunken assets.

DMR (Dark Market Research)

The sale of the products of companies by illegally outside the sales channels that they have determined and authorized causes legal issues, commercial and reputational losses. In addition, the sale of counterfeits of brands and products on the market will not only decrease the brand value and cause commercial damage, but also affect customer confidence. Products sold outside the official sales channels and fake products have been moved to the cyber world. We track and research market shares through OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) technologies where and how much counterfeits of your products are sold through clear web, deep web, dark web and social media channels. We are one of the most important partners of the brand protection processes of companies and the recovery of the market shares lost to the black market with the services we provide.