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Kurumsal Güvenlik Danışmanlık Hizmetleri

Corporate Security Analytics & Consultancy Services

It is a service established for the design and management of corporate security structures of organizations and companies in an accurate and efficient manner; the establishment and management of risk assessment processes in physical and cyber environments, briefly identifying the security analytics structure for the needs of organizations and companies, providing corporate security consultancy focused on improvement and end-to-end solutions.

Fight Against Fraud Process Management Consultancy

ACFE’s worldwide annual researches show that 5% of companies’ annual turnover is abused by employees and business partners. It could cause not only financial and reputational damage but also the disappearance of companies and institutions if internal frauds cannot be prevented. We provide consultancy and training services to create and implement fight against frauds policies and processes that are suitable to the structure and processes of the company and increase awareness in all employees.


Internal Investigation Process Consultancy and Expert Services

Internal investigation processes is nne of the critical issues for preventing internal frauds. The internal investigation process must be established in accordance with company policies, regulations and universal law in order to investigate internal frauds and conduct detailed investigations. We provide consultancy and training services in order to design this process from end-to-end, prepare the processes and train the investigators.


Personnel and Physical Security Risk Assessment Services

Due to the physical locations of the companies and institutions, it is necessary to evaluate security risks that employees may be exposed and necessary measures should be taken accordingly. This step is the most effective start to resist security threats and manage risks. Physical security practices initiated without risk assessments will often lead to unnecessary expenses and security vulnerabilities. We provide professional level personnel and physical safety risk assessment services to our customers with our experienced and competent experts and business partners.


Business Continuity and Emergency Management Services

The continuity of the services under any circumstances is one of the most critical issues in the companies and Institutions. All processes and infrastructures are expected to be ready for the situations like natural disasters, fire, war, terrorism, public uprisings, large-scale outbreaks, cyber attacks and so on in order to continue the services and manage emergencies. We offer consultancy and training services with our experienced and professional experts to create, implement, and increase awareness of all processes that provide this resistance.




  • Companies and organizations organize their security management in silos, and today, this leads to critical weaknesses, incoordination and consequences that can cause serious damage to the organization in security environments in different sub-disciplines.


  • Harmful risks need to be managed holistically, from management of physical security risks to cyber security risks, from all types of fraud risks to emergency management and business continuity management.
  • Establishing and implementing end-to-end corporate security management ensures the most effective management of all harmful risks.
  • Creating awareness of physical and cyber security within the company and the organization and constantly keeping it fresh in the memory of the organization, make it the most effective tool in the management of harmful risks.
  • While personnel and third-party employee background reviews prevent harmful risks that may come through the employees, supplier background reviews and standard checks enable the organization to manage harmful risks within its ecosystem effectively.