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Corporate Security Analytics & Consultancy Services



Effectively detecting, predicting, monitoring, and managing a company or organization’s corporate security risks can be quite challenging. My Corporate Security Analytics Services aim to solve security analytics problems in different sub-disciplines by bringing end-to-end, innovative, and analytical solutions to your company or organization. 

Employee Background Screening

Resume confirmation and examination of candidates before recruitment is the most crucial process in the management of risks that may occur through staff and/or subcontracted employees in companies and institutions. 

The identification, diplomas, certificates, criminal records, residence, and related information regarding the candidate must be verified before recruitment, as they can be fake or altered to deceive employers. If the provided information is not thoroughly validated by employers and human resources departments, companies are at high risk to face legal regulations as well as fraud risks and reputation damage. 

MySA provides Employee Background Screening as a digital service and solution (FinalCheck) to minimize any employee-related risks to your company/organization. Our service is in accordance with the regulations and company policies on the protection of personal data. 


Soft-due Diligence Services

Soft-due diligence service is a subcontractor and business partner background review and verification process. It is one of the most effective methods for managing the risks of frauds and reputation losses that may come from third parties in companies and institutions. It is necessary to check companies and individuals that receive services or become business partners to observe their compliance with local and international regulations, AML (Anti-Money Laundering), and Anti-corruption regulations. 


Together with our local and international partners, we create soft-due diligence reports based on open-source official data of approximately 400 million companies in Turkey and around the world. This report includes all data and disclosed financial information from the company’s commercial register, as well as information collected from open-source scans (Clear web, Deep Web, Social Media). The researched company’s senior management or partners are scanned in global blacklists and sanction lists to provide essential insight to our customers.


Banks, Asset Management Companies and Law Firms can benefit from our soft-due diligence service on issues such as debt/credit tracking and tracking of sunken assets.


BMR (Black Market Research) Service

Recent technologies and cyber platforms can be used by malicious organizations or persons as illegal or unauthorized sales channels of a company’s products. The marketing and sale of illicit, illegal, and counterfeit versions of your products can create serious legal and financial problems for the company. These dark activities also impose a risk to your brand equity and reputation. 

The illicit marketing of your products via unauthorized sales channels throughout social media, e-commerce websites, deep and dark web platforms can create substantial financial damage and competition problems. 


These dark activities are often carried out in undefined, anonymous, and concealed layers of the web. Therefore, critical aspects such as your market share & value, distributors & customers, and your products & sales channels are hard to detect, predict, monitor and control.

Black Market Research service is created by My Security Analytics (MySA) to help companies and organizations to understand their dark web presence and activities. This research service is used as a method to aid the business strategy development of your brand.


Through black market research analysis service, MySA provides insightful feedback to customer needs by using advanced analysis techniques such as open-source intelligence (OSINT), Dark/Deep/Clear Web Analysis methods, and Legal/Illegal Market Analysis technologies. 


MCI (Marketing and Competitive Intelligence Service)

To create a successful business strategy, companies must be fully aware of the characteristics of their target market and competition. Conventionally, this intelligence is often manually collected by the company’s marketing departments through research reports, focus groups, interviews, surveys, publications, etc. The process of creating a comprehensive and accurate analysis of a company’s target market/consumers/products/sales channels/promotional opportunities/sales value/sales volume, etc. requires a tremendous amount of data to be collected and analyzed. 


MCI service is created with the intention of providing a complete marketing and competitive intelligence report to companies while also offering 360° marketing analysis. Through our advanced analytical platforms and business partners, we can scan all necessary data in open-source web platforms (Clear/Deep/Dark Web) via OSINT technologies and turn it into knowledge, regardless of country, territory, market restrictions. We aim to offer valuable insights to companies that want to gain a broad perspective for their business strategies, whether they are looking to invest in new markets or wish to fully understand their existing markets.  


Whistleblowing Hotline Service

The most important source of fraud detection in companies and institutions is incoming reports. According to ACFE’s (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) data, more than half of the fraud detections occur through information given by employees through various channels. This sensitive process is anonymously made by staff and/or subcontractors through various communication channels such as telephone, e-mail, and web messages. Incoming notices should be handled, evaluated, and finalized professionally and effectively.


Whistleblowing Hotline ensures that incoming notices are handled, evaluated, and monitored with the right procedure to increase employee’s sense of commitment and trust, as well as providing a significant contribution to the company’s transparency and risk management processes. As an independent party from your company, we offer a 24/7 Whistleblowing Hotline with the right communication resources, while delivering consultancy services for companies and institutions with over 100 employees.


Fight Against Fraud Process Management Consultancy

ACFE’s (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) worldwide annual research shows that 5% of companies’ annual turnover is abused by employees and business partners. This could not only create financial and reputational damage but also generate the disappearance of companies and institutions if internal frauds cannot be prevented. We provide consultancy and training services to create and implement fight against fraud policies and processes that are suitable to the structure and processes of the company to increase awareness in all employees.


Internal Investigation Process Consultancy and Expert Services

The internal investigation process is a critical issue for preventing internal fraud. The internal investigation process must be established in accordance with company policies, regulations, and universal laws for internal fraud investigations. We provide consultancy and training services to design this process from start to finish, prepare the procedures, and train the investigators.


Personnel and Physical Security Risk Assessment Services

Due to the physical locations of the companies and institutions, it is necessary to evaluate security risks that employees may be exposed to. Therefore, necessary measures should be taken accordingly. This step is an effective start to resist security threats and manage related risks. Physical security practices that are initiated without risk assessments, will often lead to unnecessary expenses and security vulnerabilities. We provide professional-level personnel and physical safety risk assessment services to our customers with our experienced and competent experts and business partners.


Business Continuity and Emergency Management Services

The continuity of services under any circumstance is one of the most critical issues for companies and institutions. All processes and infrastructures are expected to be ready for situations like natural disasters, war, terrorism, public uprisings, large-scale outbreaks, cyber-attacks, etc. to continue the services and manage emergencies. We offer consultancy and training services with our experienced and professional experts to create, implement, and increase awareness of all processes to ensure business continuity.