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MyCIP Crime Investigation Platform is a solution specifically designed by combining visual link analysis and data integration technologies for crime investigation, intelligence, monitoring and detection processes with extensive field experience and know-how.

MyCIP enables a holistic approach to investigators by making advanced analytics on a single screen with its user-friendly environment. MyCIP provides network visualizations, social network analyzes, time analyzes, and geographic analyzes insights linked to structured and unstructured data in on-premises and external sources for the use of investigators with innovative features.

Why MyCIP ?

  • It is easy to learn.
  • You can identify key people and events.
  • You can easily see hidden connections in relationship networks.
  • You can perform advanced queries and analysis of a wide range of data types with a flexible data modeling and visualization environment.
  • You can analyze collected data through social media and websites with corporate data in the same environment.
  • You can generate alarms according to analysis and queries.
  • You can prepare effective and understandable reports showing the big picture with multiple analysis views including relational, temporal, geographical and statistical outputs.
  • You can store the analysis and outputs for other investigations and corporate memory.