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MyIFF Insurance Fraud Fighter solution provides advanced monitoring, detection, prevention and investigation capabilities in the fight against frauds to analysts and investigation specialists in insurance companies.

It is a practical, user-friendly and holistic analytics platform that supports teamwork. MyIFF enables advanced queries and analysis on data collected from open sources such as social media and websites, as well as on-premise and external data. Experts can monitor fraud activities through MyIFF, easily and securely share the fraud alarms, detections, insights and intelligence they create with the team and / or other relevant units. When necessary, they can produce effective and powerful reports for law enforcement agencies and prosecutors that show the big picture.

Why MyIFF ?

  • You can identify fraud relationships and key connections.
  • You can analyze complex network patterns by visualizing them in graphics.
  • You can detect missed location data and geographic data links.
  • You can easily find and track fraud time relationships.
  • You can predict potential frauds by using patterns of frauds happened in the past.
  • You can create descriptive and understandable visual reports for detected insurance frauds.


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