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The development and dissemination of information technologies has increased the data production in terms of quantitative and qualitative logarithms. Data is located on different technologies and/or applications that have been established/developed in years. Regardless of who produced the data, the necessity to add value to the data, to include as much data as possible in processes that add value to the data, has increased the need to share the data. As the needs for data sharing processes have increased and diversified; the needs for other related processes such as timing, security, analysis and presentation has also increased its importance in the agenda.

What is MyKEP?

MyKEP enables management of external/internal data for remote/end user from a single point that can be integrated with WEB services from various locations. By this method, the rate of available data, for the first time and/or again, will be increased and standards for transaction, information and document will be settled in the organization. The application to be developed, in particular, will form the infrastructure for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications in the government organizations.

Why MyKEP?

It is a modular and scalable integration software aiming the integration of the data in the organization or the data outside the organization maintained through different technologies, different locations, and different data retention methods for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of dealing within their own areas of activity, as well as ensuring the following:

  • Securing single-point access to data (to the extent permitted by the organization),
  • Querying, reporting and including them in the analysis from a single point,
  • Monitoring of transactions with high logging level,
  • Rapid response to corporate workflows and query requests,
  • Reaching users of different locations and authorization levels to facilitate to a certain level of transaction, information and document standard.

MyKEP has four main functions:

  • Processes regarding to Introduction of WEB Services to the system
  • Process of querying data from WEB services introduced to the system
  • The process of presentation and/ or usage of data from WEB services as a result of the query
  • Portal management processes (user, group, authority, web services, system settings, etc.)