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Siber Güvenlik Analitiği

Cyber Security Analytics Solutions

We design analytical platforms suitable to the digital infrastructure and culture of companies for monitoring, detecting, predicting and investigating all kinds of harmful risks in digital world. (internal and external attacks, information security breaches, breaches regarding the protection of personal data, cyber sabotage, cyber bullying, etc.).

Nowadays, data has become the most valuable asset of a company or an organization and in order to protect this value, an average of 120 Billion USD is spent in the world within a year. Despite of these precautions , the damage caused by cyber-attacks to companies and organizations has reached approximately 500 billion USD. Moreover, this damage continues to increase.

According to Gartner’s report, the success rate of conventional measures against today’s cyber-attacks is only 15% and the remaining important gap is waiting to be filled. The strongest complement of this gap is advanced analysis technologies with advanced predictive capabilities. Therefore, organizations need to use effective, concurrent and predictive analytical platforms with conventional measures to manage cyber security risks.



  • The effect of conventional cyber security measures on cyber-attacks is only 15%.
  • With the escalation of increased data, limited resource and system diversity, new and sophisticated cyber-attacks are the nightmare of investigators and cyber security and fraud analysts.


  • Instant and historical data collected from internal and external sources of organizations are analyzed with tabular and visual analytical models. It is ensured that by supporting processes and algorithms of AI, ML, and RPA, you can reach simple, effective and accurate predictions and results in a timely manner.
  • Fraud Observation and Detection Systems and Cyber Security Operations Centers have important and critical roles in preventing the losses and protecting reputation of organizations.